A blooming lovely display for spring


The recent bad weather hasn’t stopped our green-fingered residents from putting together a vibrant springtime floral display. First came the task of painting a selection of fun plant pots shaped like tea-cups, tea-pots, and wellies in bright colours. Then residents selected beautiful primula in a choice of bold shades to complete the colourful display.
Merle Weiner, Head of Activities at Green Tree Court, commented: “Our residents thoroughly enjoyed painting these quirky plant pots as well as getting their hands into the rich soil and filling them with these bold plants. It’s been a really creative and fun session: one of the tea-pot pots was decorated to look like a strawberry and other pots were adorned with ladybirds, butterflies, flowers and spots. And the result is a fresh array of colour that really signals that spring is on the way. Now we’re just waiting for the warmer, drier weather to finally arrive so we can get busy outside in our lovely garden a bit more regularly too.”


The therapeutic health benefits of gardening are well documented. Tending to plants can make you feel ‘happy’ and even potting up just a plant or two will get you moving, which is great for physical health. Whilst not being too demanding, caring for plants (even if it’s just one pot) can help to give you a greater sense of purpose. As plants grow, so too can grows a sense of pride and a sense of achievement.


Gardening therapy for dementia

Gardening can be especially beneficial for people with dementia. It addresses many of the key elements considered to help people with dementia to stay happier and more motivated, such as:

  • Providing a stimulating environment
  • Improving social interaction
  • Getting you outside
  • Giving you a sense of purpose and responsibility
  • Creating a sense of pride and boosting self-esteem
  • Helping to encourage a good night’s sleep
  • Helping to maintain skills you already have


Although dementia may make short-term memories fade fast, long-term, happy memories remain. And many people enjoy very happy memories of gardening. Continuing to garden helps people with dementia to stay in this happy place. It gives them confidence to talk about plants and growing successes – even if they can’t always remember the name of the person they are talking to. And this plays a very beneficial role in bolstering feelings of self worth and control.


Gardening at Green Tree Court

We’re proud of our beautiful landscaped gardens at Green Tree Court. Designed for accessibility, residents can easily get outside to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the planting throughout the year. Residents are also invited to take control of their own private area of garden if they want to. There’s plenty of space in the greenhouse for bringing on seedlings or tender plants and we have raised beds that are more accessible. Popular with residents who have always enjoyed gardening and want to continue this part of their life for as long as possible, some residents also take up gardening for the first time when they’re with us.


To find out more about the luxury, state of the art, purpose-built facilities at Green Tree Court, please call 01392 240400.


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