A Cracking Good Time

ostrich egg 3

Did you know that a single ostrich egg is the same size as around 24 chicken eggs? That’s a pretty big egg to crack! Our Activities Co-ordinator Merle recently demonstrated the correct way to open one of these huge eggs. Some of our residents had a go at mixing it before it was put into a pan to scramble it. Then came the taste test. “Everyone agreed it tasted light and creamy,” commented Merle.


Merle came up with the idea of opening and cooking an ostrich egg as something very different for residents at Green Tree Court to have a go at.  Ensuring that someone has a chance to try new things is a central part of person-centred care according to the Alzheimer’s Society. It’s considered to be an effective way of preventing and managing some of the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. It creates feelings of self-worth and purpose. And it helps to encourage sociability and spark new conversations, improving general happiness and wellbeing.


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