Respite Care


If you have long term mobility issues or a chronic illness, but you’re usually cared for at home, you may decide that a short term stay with Lexicon is all you need. Let us be your home away from home.


We cater for all types of respite care, from just a single day to a week or more. Our reliable and welcoming staff members are always ready to accommodate your needs, and we’ll make sure that your wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do for you.


When you stay with us at Green Tree Court, all of our 5 star facilities are at your disposal. We’ll ensure your care plan is created and confirmed with you before you arrive, and that you’re completely satisfied with the arrangements throughout your stay.


Your family and close friends are always welcome to visit you throughout your stay with us, and our homely and welcoming living spaces provide the ideal place to share some quality time together.


Enquire about our respite care options