Getting Gold


We were delighted to welcome representatives from Stirling University’s Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) recently, who presented us with our ‘Gold Standard’ certificate. Liam Spillane, Professor Judith Phillips, and Lesley Palmer from the University spent time looking round the dementia care facilities at our Exeter nursing home and chatting to staff.


DSDC is a world leader in improving dementia care. Green Tree Court has been awarded their highest accolade, a ‘Gold Standard’ in recognition of our dedicated approach to personalised care and easy to navigate environment. In their summary report, DSDC commented they were: “very impressed by the holistic dementia-friendly approach Green Tree Court has taken to providing a well designed dementia-friendly development.”


“Finding your way around a building can be physically and mentally tricky when you’re living with dementia,” commented David Barenskie, Green Tree Court’s Head of Dementia Care. “Sensory, mobility and cognitive impairments as a result of the disease can all make it harder to navigate. And that can result in frustration and distress. Well-designed surroundings, which have taken into account the impairments of people living with dementia, can make a real difference and help individuals to enjoy a better quality of life for longer. Creating a calm environment that is safe and easy for people with dementia to live in is part of our person-centred, holistic approach to care.”


Photo: Liam Spillane (Stirling University), Professor Judith Phillips (Stirling University), David Barenskie (Head of Dementia Care Green Tree Court), Lesley Palmer (Stirling University), Green Tree Court carers Rachael Brealy and Sue Thorne, and Helen Rushton, Green Tree Court’s Home Director.




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