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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to compete on MasterChef? Green Tree Court’s Head Chef Tim Ware tells us

The competition on BBC’s MasterChef: The Professionals is heating up as talented chefs from all over the country compete for the coveted MasterChef crown. We were very proud to watch our Head Chef Tim Ware showcasing his talents as he became the first chef at a nursing home to take part in the series. We speak to him to find out more about his passion for food and what it was like during filming.


Why did you decide to be a chef?

I cooked with my gran from a young age baking cakes and making jams. I love the creativity of cooking and the joy of eating. I love the busy environment and the buzz in kitchens the pressure in service it makes you feel alive


How would you describe your style of cooking?

Modern British with a twist. I find myself being influenced by flavours and ideas from all around the world. And as our menu at Green Tree Court changes daily I have the chance to create exciting new dishes every day.


Is there a secret to successful cooking?

Number one in great cooking is the ingredients. Preferably these should be local and always they must be the best quality. With great quality ingredients you can enjoy maximum flavour. Balanced seasoning is also key. Too much or too little and you won’t get the most from the dish.


The right tools are also essential. Always use the best knives you can. And I’m lucky that at Green Tree Court they have just invested in a complete new kitchen refit, ensuring the equipment the team works with is top notch.


And lastly, it’s a desire to always improve. As a professional chef you are never happy. I’m always seeking to evolve what I do to improve.


Do you have any favourite local suppliers?

Our meat comes from Greendale farm shop in Farringdon and MC Kelly in Crediton. And our vegetables come from a local supplier called Richards in Topsham. Richards source lots of their stock from local growers and producers. We also use fruit and vegetables that we have grown in our own garden at Green Tree Court – you can’t get much more fresh and local than that! And we are always thrilled when our residents’ families have a glut in their own gardens and send it in – we know that cooking with these ingredients are extra special  for our residents.


What was it like to win Care Home Chef of the Year last year?

Winning the competition last November was a great sense of achievement not only for myself but for all the kitchen team at Green Tree Court. It was recognition that all our hard work has paid off. We’re proud to be producing the best food in the private care sector and spreading the message that you can produce restaurant quality meals in the care environment.


What was it like to compete on MasterChef: The Professionals?

My experience of MasterChef was intense. There were lots of nerves and it felt very strange to be cooking in a completely different environment to a normal kitchen – it certainly added to the pressure! I wanted to do it to challenge myself and showcase my skills. I also wanted to do my bit to challenge people’s perceptions of what food in a care home environment is like. Obviously I was disappointed that didn’t go any further, but I was happy with what I produced on day.


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