Having an Eggs-tra special day


This week’s visit from the youngsters from Chestnut Nursery was ‘eggs-tra’ special as the pre-schoolers and our residents were very busy getting ready for Easter.


Jodie Frankum, Activity Co-ordinator at Green Tree Court said: “Our lounge area transformed into a hive of activity as we got busy colouring-in cute chicks and bunnies, and hunting for eggs. Everyone chatted about what we are looking forward to about the Easter weekend. And the children brought in some beautiful Easter bonnets that they had made to show to us. Brightly decorated, these were a lovely reminder for many of our residents of their own past experiences of making Easter bonnets for themselves or their family.“


Each week a group of 10 pre-schoolers aged between 3-4 years old from Chestnut Nursery, Burnt House Lane, Exeter, visits Green Tree Court. During each visit the children and adults spend time making things, singing, reading, and chatting. The sessions were originally inspired by the Channel 4 documentary “Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds” and are now a regular fixture in the weekly activity programme at Green Tree Court. Both age groups have a lot to offer each other. The children love the one-to-one attention that they get from our residents, who have the time to talk and show them how to do things. And having the children here helps our residents by becoming a new reason for them to stay active and engaged. The visits also give our residents a new sense of purpose as they’re needed to help out.

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