Meet Carol Mayo, Green Tree Court’s very organised Home Administrator

Carol Mayo

Skilled at multi-tasking, our Home Administrator Carol Mayo juggles everything from dealing with essential day-to-day finance, and payroll to meeting visitors and co-ordinating cover for staff sickness. She could be described as the oil that keeps the Green Tree Court engine running smoothly – so here we find out a bit more:


What is a typical day like?

No two days are the same. A large proportion of my role is dealing with finance, whether it is creating reports, sending off a funding tender or producing the monthly billing for our residents. I might be organising our contractors one moment and preparing contracts for staff the next. I thrive on a challenge and it certainly helps to be very adaptable and flexible in this role.


I’ve got a great team to help me and together we make sure that every day is perfectly organised. Our aim is for everything to seem calm to everyone else – even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way to us!


You clearly need to be organised – how do you do it?

I’ve brought up three (now grown-up) children, so that teaches you to become a master of multi-tasking. I also firmly believe that great communication is the key. The team and I always make sure that everyone knows what everyone else is doing.


We double check everything to make sure nothing has been forgotten – whether it’s a taxi, a hospital booking, a visitor lunch or an interview for new staff, a few extra minutes spent check the details are all in order can save a lot of stress and upset in the long run. We’ll also remind the head of department, nurse on duty or hostess on the day of the booking by referencing the appointments diary held on reception – because we know that when things are busy it could be easy for something to get forgotten.


We also have a daily meeting to ensure the different teams all know what is going on at Green Tree Court on a daily basis. It is my job to minute this meeting and inform anyone who may need to know of any changes to plans or events that are happening.


The office is always busy but I always try and make time for people who come in with queries or assure them that I will always get back to them later. I’d like to think that people find me approachable and down to earth and easy to communicate with and can be replied upon to solve their query or at least point them in the right direction if I don’t know the answer.



How long have you been at Green Tree Court

I came here in 2015 on a temping contract and I haven’t looked back. From starting out as an admin assistant, I’ve worked my way up and have been Home Administrator for over a year now. At times it has felt like I’ve hit the ground running as I’ve been plunged into the deep-end with some aspects of my work. But I’ve been lucky to get all the support and training that I need to do my job the best I can.


How do you stay so calm?

I try to fit in yoga before work when I can. It’s very balancing. And we’ve also got an office cake rota, which helps a lot on hectic days!


What else do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

One of my interests is walking on Dartmoor. I get up there as much as I can and find you cannot beat being out amongst nature after being inside for most of the week at work. I also enjoy visiting new places and in the past few months I have travelled to Brighton, Chester, London (twice) and Edinburgh. I am originally from London and went up with my daughter and stayed in an air bnb to see a gig at the Camden Roundhouse. As a vegan who loves good food, I always seek out cafes/restaurants in the locality and have a great knowledge of local ones too. I always try new recipes and look online or buy a new release cookbook I have seen.


And finally, what is your claim to fame?

I was on the BBC’s Castaway 2000 selection process programmes. This was before we moved to Devon, in the latter part of 1999. It was very interesting to be part of the process and my family and I were featured in a double page spread in the Radio Times!

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