Older People And Technology – How It Can Help


We live in a world surrounded by the latest gadgets and technologies. From shopping to communication, the digital revolution has definitely made life easier and more comfortable. And technology is also finding a place helping older people to live well too. Here are some of the ways we use the latest technologies at Green Tree Court to make life better for our residents and easier for our staff.


Busting loneliness

Technology can help to beat the feelings of loneliness experienced by so many older people.  It helps older people to stay connected to friends and family. We use the computers in our library, or our residents’ own IT equipment, to help them to stay in touch with family and friends, no matter where they are in the world.


Facetime and Skype provide instant connectivity and the joy of seeing someone face to face, even if they are many miles away. That’s great for our residents and also for their families who can’t always visit in person as often as they’d like.


Getting the right food at the right time

We all like to get the food we’ve ordered if we go out to a restaurant. And if you’re following a special diet it’s more than just nice. At Green Tree Court, we’ve invested in technology to ensure that our residents get the food that they’ve chosen, and to make sure it always meets any special dietary needs. That makes mealtimes a whole lot more relaxing for our residents. And it makes things a lot easier for our staff to manage too.


Movement detectors and light sensors

Technology can also help older people to stay safer too. For example, we’ve installed sensors to ensure lights will come on automatically in the night if someone gets up. By improving vision, this can help to reduce the risk of falls.


Good lighting is also crucial for the best dementia care.  David Barieski, Head of Dementia Care at Green Tree Court, explains: “By making it easier for our residents to get around, and reducing frustration, we can also reduce stress and anxiety. As a result, medication can often be reduced or even cut out altogether. And that means that our residents can reduce or even eliminate some of the common side effects of these drugs, such as drowsiness and unsteadiness.


“A dementia friendly space also encourages independence, which is vital for self-esteem as well as encouraging activity, which can all help to improve overall wellbeing.”



Visit us to find out more

At Green Tree Court we have modern, purpose-built facilities and a dedicated, experienced team working together. We embrace the latest technologies available to ensure the standards of care and levels of service we provide are always exceptional. We’d love to invite you to came and see us for yourself to decide if we are the best place to care for your relative. Call us on 01392 240400 to find out more.


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