Spinning a yarn as we weave


A group of our residents put their craft skills to the test by weaving pretty baskets from brightly coloured raffia. A relaxing, sociable, and satisfying way to spend some time, the completed baskets were then filled with fluffy Easter chicks and eggs to make a colourful decoration or gift.


“Just like knitting, weaving engages both hands and minds to bring about a sense of calm and peace as well as real satisfaction,” commented Jodie Frankum, Activity Co-ordinator at Green Tree Court. “We spent a lovely time chatting and remembering times past as we sat together. Using templates and easier to grip chunky rafia made the weaving a more straightforward task. That meant we could all really relax and have fun as the baskets took shape. Many of us shared happy memories of basket weaving when we were younger. And one of our residents who has arthritis commented how good this therapeutic activity was for her hands too!”

basket weaving

Weaving baskets is just one of the activities we organise for our residents as part of our person centred approach to care. Like all crafts, it helps to keep minds occupied and stimulated, which can help our residents to maintain their everyday skills and independence for longer.

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